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Anaïs is available for private and semi-private classes and bespoke choreography. For more information, please click here or contact us.


"I took a little over a year of Tango lessons with Anaïs. If I hadn't moved out of the area I would still gladly take lessons with Anaïs. I will (and have) highly recommend her to anyone from the newbie just learning Tango to the experienced dancer polishing their technique. Of the handful of Tango instructors I've worked with (including in Buenos Aires), Anaïs is definitely one of the instructors who has taught me the most and been the most fun to learn with.

It is a rare teacher who can cater to both of these students in a single dance environment. Anaïs is one of those teachers. When it was time to teach the demonstrated move, her explanations and exercises helped both leaders and followers understand what to do and just made sense. That she was able to give these explanations in a way that made sense to both students with many years experience and newer students is a testament to her abilities. 

Finally, Anaïs really shines in the one-on-one teaching. She is able to switch gears as she switches partners - going from refining the minutest detail of someone's advanced technique to the next student partner who just wants to be able to do it well enough that someone can follow it. The fact that there is one-on-one time every class is great and made better by the fact that she is able to tailor that time to each student's wants and needs." 

- Chris W., Pittsburgh, PA



"You just need to see one of her performances and take just one of her classes to see what a talented and lovely tango teacher Anais Haven really is... she's passionate about her dancing, classes, students and is more importantly consistent in her efforts, energy and smiles class to class, from beginning to end.  She's the best, hands down."

- Celestina A., West New York, NJ​


"When i started my tango journey i would have never imagined meeting one of the best, talented and most inspiring  tango instructors, Anais has changed my view on dance forever! her passion and love for tango shows in her teaching and performances, i am a fan for life. she has taught me that tango isn't merely a few dance steps but a deep felt feeling and once experienced, there's no going back." - Felicita W., Bronx, NY




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